The business experienced strong growth

The extremely good year of 2017 for the customers of the Port of Helsinki Ltd was reflected in the company’s financial figures. The traffic flows were at a record-breaking level, both in the passenger and the cargo sector. Cargo traffic added up to 14.3 million tonnes (+14.2% from the previous year), while the number of passengers was 12.3 million (+2.4%). The turnover of the Port of Helsinki was 95.0 million euros (+5.9%).

Despite the investments and accelerating business, the expenditure level remained well under control. The total amount of operating costs was 33.9 million euros (-4.9%). Higher profitability was accomplished by developing the operations, and even the introduction of the new, sizeable investment targets did not cause an increase in the total expenditure.

The Port of Helsinki achieved a profit of 24.2 million euros (+55.3%) and the adjusted earnings were 10.4 million euros.

Key figures

 Million euro 2017 2016 2015
Turnover 95 89,7 86,9
Investmets 36,4 64,6 18,8
Grand total of the balance sheet 541,2 553,8 575,6
Change in the turnover, % 5,9 3,2 -4,2
Turnover/ person-years, 1000 euro 601 561 527
Return on investment, % * 4,7 2,9 2,8
Equity ratio, % 60,5 58,1 54,9

* Return on investment adjusted with one-off instalments, 4.0%

Financial result exceeded expectations

After taxes, the profit for the financial year was 11.3 million euros (265.6%). Dividends of 5654.08 euros per share, i.e. nearly 5.7 million euros in total, were distributed. Half of the financial period’s profits were allocated to the development of the company’s business operations.

Efficiency improved

The main productivity indicators of the Port of Helsinki, the productivity index and turnover/personnel, have been trending in a positive direction. The productivity index, which describes the development in total productivity, was 113.2 (+10.1%). Turnover/personnel was 569 (€1000), which included a 7.4% growth compared to the previous year.


The total amount of investments was approximately 36.4 million euros (-43.7%). The most significant investment targets included the construction of the West Harbour’s new terminal building and Hernesaari’s new cruise ship berth, as well as the acquisition of Loviisan Satama Oy’s shares.